Three friends who sold tech startups to pursue investing opportunities full-time. Sharing experiences as investors in early-stage startups, stock market, real estate, and even restaurant/bars.

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📽️ Dumb Money LIVE We're Dave Hanson, Chris Camillo & Jordan Mclain. We’re just like you, but we found a way to turn tens of thousands into tens of millions. How? Not by working. We quit our jobs to invest our own money. We find investment ideas in our real lives. Wall Street professionals call people like us “Dumb Money”. They think they’re the only ones smart enough to invest. We’re here to prove them wrong.

Unlike most finance gurus, we don’t have anything to sell. No courses, no software. It’s just us. We watch online trends to give our investments a social edge. Our goal is to give everyone tools to make their money work for them, by investing in whatever they’re most passionate about.

On this channel, we reveal our actual investments and thoughts on the stock market LIVE every week. We aim for Tuesdays and Thursdays, but tend to go live whenever there's something to talk about. Subscribe and set notifications to "all" to know when we're on!