If you've ever faced the nightmare of tracking the status of incoming site content from clients across email, a project management tool, and their new Duda site, this tutorial on how to integrate Duda with Content Snare is just for you.

💡 Please note, while the code is provided, you'll need some basic coding knowledge to implement this, or help from a developer.

This tutorial covers:

What is Content Snare?

Content Snare is a juiced up form tool that you can use to gather not only content for your client's site, but also details like template and color preferences, assets, business goals (think upsell opportunities), and more. You might be thinking "But I can just use the Duda content collection form...," which is great for getting started, but misses out on some of the key features that Content Snare provides. Those extra features, like being able to approve or reject fields, sending automatic reminders, gathering color and style preferences, and organizing questions into custom pages and sections, while having a great UI, can ultimately improve your customer's onboarding experience and save you time. To see their full feature suite or to follow along with the tutorial in product, you can start a free trial: https://contentsnare.com/tour/.

These are some common use cases that Content Snare highlights on their site: