Dubsado is a business management software company that helps the small business to create better management in terms of marketing, accounting, etc. My goal was to increase the profit margin of business management software by 20%.


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Analyze the goal of Dubsado

It started in September 2020 when I got a chance to participate in the case competition to analyze Dubsado in terms of business, UX, and marketing system. Dubsado is a business management software, which are designed to accomplish a variety of tasks across on organization such as:


The idea is to attract more small business owners to click a Free Trial session and book the service afterward.


Dubsado should understand their target audience

According to the marketing team, the goals of Dubsado are too broad, and people started to feel overwhelmed after 3 seconds analyzing all the features that Dubsado provided.

I assume that this is because of the complicated language (UX writing part) and not all people could understand the business terms. To know more, I conducted the heuristic evaluation on 5 people who are small business owners.