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📆 Timeline

The Genesis series has 7 different vehicle collections.

We will drop 1 vehicle collection with different styles every week starting Jan 15th 2022.

Each vehicle collection will contain 16-25 NFTs with different rarity.

Each SR and SSR auction will also last for one week. When the week ends, all unsold NFTs will be burnt.

Link here: https://opensea.io/collection/metamotives1


🌈 About Rarity

For each vehicle, we have three rarities: 🟦 R / 🟧 SR / 🟥 SSR . Each contains a complete OpenGL 3D model uploaded to IPFS, not just JPEG or GIF, to meet the needs of being a net-gen 3D asset in the metaverse.

In addition to differences in color and deco, different rarity will also affect the driving performance of the driving experience in the next seasons.

You can import it into virtual spaces such as oncyber.io experience it in VR. We will also build a virtual exhibition for you to visit.

🟦 Rare


Price: 0.1 ≡

Amount: 12-18

They have different color options, and various paintings. Some of them are limited edition of the Season theme.

🟧 Super Rare


Timed Auction ⬆️ from 0.3 ≡ (No ceiling)

Amount: 3-6

They are designed not only with special color and material, but also very attracting scenes and design stories. Some of them are collab works with other artist or brands.

🟥 Superior Super Rare


Timed Auction ⬆️ from 0.5 ≡ (No ceiling)

Amount: 1

It’s ONE-OFF edition of all the vehicle collections, 1/1 with dynamic background. It keeps all the original details and design from the artist. You can only buy it in auction.