DeFi Kingdoms is game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, and a market of rare utility driven NFTs.

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My name is Dreamer and I am going to talk about DeFi Kingdoms and how we are innovating the play to earn and cross chain gaming space.

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Recap launch to present:

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Frisky Fox founded the project with the original team of 4 people launched the initial phase of the game, with the sale of the first 2000 Gen 0s a few weeks after. Since then the team has grown to 32 core team members with 26 contributors from the community. Departments - Front/Back/Solidity Development, Creative (art, mechanics, education), Marketing, BizDev, Ops.

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Gardens - Provide liquidity through pairing tokens for LP tokens, or “seeds” and planting them in the Gardens, what we call our group of 19 incentivized trading pools, APRs currently based on emission schedule and saturation of pools range from 500% to ~1000% APR, subject to change based on asset allocation by participants.

Bank - A more passive way for participants to earn, by single staking in the DFK bank, the participants gain access to ⅓ of all in-game fees.

Portal/Tavern - Test your luck by gathering Heroes with attractive gene sets or unique class combos to summon with the chance of more rare heroes or advanced classes being obtained, which have a much higher re-sale value than the original cost of summoning. The downside currently is not too low with the floor price at or just under the cost of summoning, imagine this will continue to drop over time but the fallback would be to take your lower valued hero and quest it for resources to offset the loss before offloading the hero in the secondary market.

Professions - For the most active participants; professions is where the direct utility of heroes currently lives, 4 quest options being built out with 2/4 live, fishing and foraging. These quests give the hero a chance to obtain resources, success and rarity of drops are determined by stats of the questing hero. Mining and Gardening will introduce a new dynamic to P2E, which will provide attractive utility to those also active in the gardens, increasing overall return potential and even allowing early unlocking of some locked up rewards!

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Art- Native map, new NPCs, additional physical gene-sets for heros via a limited expansion sale of Gen0’s.

Gameplay- Expanion Gen0’s will be limited to only 2 new classes, TBD but will fit the theme of the realm, extended quests, native land, new resourcesMultiple realms allow for more dynamic lore, story, and quest options, much to grow into.

Markets get really exciting, you will have some resources that may be available in both realms, but the going price may vary, providing opportunities for an “import/export”-like role to play, resulting in more efficient in-game markets. This is true for Heroes as well, there may be a certain class or rarity that is being bought up or rented out at a higher price in one realm than another.