Distributed randomness beacon

📍 Mission & Scope

The mission of drand (https://drand.love/) is to provide verifiable, unpredictable and bias resistant random values as a service. The drand network is operated by the League of Entropy (LoE), a group of 20 independent member organizations that contribute to the production of randomness beacons.

At its base, the drand protocol is based on Threshold Cryptography to guarantee that no single member can manipulate randomness. This is in stark contrast to the vast majority of randomness services and makes drand a unique, distributed, unbiased randomness beacon.

The mission of the drand team (and the LoE at large) is to provide undisrupted randomness service to the public by maintaining the network’s infrastructure and improving the drand protocol with optimizations and new features.

The technical and operational details of drand can be found in drand’s website and documentation page.

📣 Latest Updates

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