The drag and drop email builder is a new plugin that was shipped with Mautic 3.3, on which Friendly Automate is based.

It helps you to create beautiful newsletters and emails, that look good in any email reader. It's called the GrapesJS builder. It has autosave, undo, redo features. It comes with new, responsive templates preloaded.

Using the Email and Landing Page Builder


If you are running on the newest version of Friendly Automate (Mautic) and you don't see this editor, please follow the next steps.

The GrapesJS builder can be installed and uninstalled at the plugins section by clicking on the cog on the right side of your Friendly Automate app.

You need to simply turn on the plugin by clicking on yes and saving it. It it's already on yes, it is enabled for you.

<aside> 💡 If you used another email builder before, first time after activating the GrapesJS builder, the old builder will show upon editing content. You need to create a new email, save it. Once you did so, the new GrapesJS builder will be the default email Builder.


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