Drafts are automatically generated unfinished edits to existing pages on Golden. The changes in drafts will not appear to the public until they are published.

Accessing Drafts

You can access, edit, and publish your drafts at any time by accessing your Drafts link from the Profile Dropdown in the top right of any screen on Golden:


Once you have entered the Drafts page, click a Draft from the table and you will be taken to the edit mode of that Topic page.

Click 'Publish' in the top right corner of the page to open a pop up with your changes.


Review the changes and confirm by clicking 'Publish'.


<aside> 💡 Choosing a 'Major' vs 'Minor' edit will determine whether it will appear in activity feeds. If the change has new content or changes which are of interest to people who are watching the topic, mark it as 'Major'. Small changes to style, formatting, or grammar without any major content changes should be marked as 'Minor'.


Discarding a Draft:

Go to the edit page in which you have a draft open and click the 'Discard' button in the top right corner:


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