Thank you for joining Maple! Below you'll find FAQs and resources to help you make the most of your experience.

Quick Tips and Demos

🛒 How to make a grocery list in Maple:

🦃 How to use Maple to plan Thanksgiving:

Frequently Asked Questions

🍁 What countries is Maple currently available in?

Maple is currently available in both the USA and Canadian markets.

We have every intention of bringing Maple to families all over the world. Feel free to reach out to and let us know where you'd like to see Maple next!

🍁 I'm getting an error when trying to connect Google Calendar. Help!

More often than not, getting an error while trying to connect Google Calendar to Maple is the result of a lack of permission being granted. Maple needs all permissions granted to it in order for the Google Calendar function to work properly.

If you've encountered this error you can follow these steps to reset the connection and try again. It should resolve the issue!

🍁 I haven't received my confirmation code via SMS, what do I do?

Please verify that the number you have registered with Maple is a U.S. or Canadian phone number.

Maple can only send verification codes to mobile devices capable of receiving SMS in these countries.

If you are still having issues after that please reach out to and we can help you out 🙂 .

🍁 Is Maple available on Android?

Yes! You can find the Maple in the in the **Google Play Store!**

🍁 My partner and I signed up separately. How do we add each other to the same family?

Please reach out to