Postdoctoral researcher and NWO Rubicon fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin working with Dr. Charles Driver and Dr. Andreas Brandmaier.


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Deserno, M. K., & Driver, C. Modeling change in atypical development: Coupling of commonly impaired developmental domains. In preparation.

Deserno, M. K., Sachistal, M., Epskamp, S., & Raijmakers, M. A magnifying glass for the study of coupled developmental changes: Combining psychological networks and latent growth models. Under Review.

Deserno, M. K., Groenman, A., Geurts, H.M. & Bathelt, J. Formalizing the overarching continuum theory: Data-driven phenotypic clustering of atypically developing children. Under Review.

Deserno, M. K., Fuhrmann, D., Borsboom, D., Begeer, S., Geurts, H. M., & Kievit, R.A. Mutualistic coupling in atypical development. Under Review. See psyarXiv preprint.

Deserno, M. K., Borsboom, D., Begeer, S., van Bork, R., Hinne, M. & Geurts, H. M. Highways to happiness: Perceived causal relations among clinicians. Under Review. See psyarXiv preprint.}

Deserno, M. K.}, Borsboom, D., Begeer, S., Agelink van Rentergem, J.A., Mataw, K. & Geurts, H. M. Sleep determines quality of life in autistic adults: a longitudinal study. Autism Research. Advance online publication.