How to download and print Coded answer sheets (either in-house or national tasks)

Once you have uploaded your candidate details for the particular task, go to Populate, generate, download & print coded sheets and select the VIEW tab. You should see a screen similar to the following:

Simply click the 'PDF Print' button to create a PDF file of your pupils' answer sheets - this pdf file will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

The file then needs printing single-sided on plain A4 paper in school.

Generating sheets for just a few pupils

Occasionally you might not want to download a big PDF file of the answer sheets for every pupil - for example, if you have added a few extra candidates, or if a pupil has spoiled their sheets.

In this case, simply click the tiny box to the left of the relevant candidate(s) in the table, and then click the 'PDF Print' button. This will to create a PDF file of just those pupils' answer sheets.

Depending on how the template is configured for the task, your answer sheets will look something like the following: