Now that you've activated your cloaked account on the dashboard webapp... you're all set to begin cloaking with our mobile app! Stay cloaked when you’re out and about.

Use the cloaked mobile app when you are in-person to create instant cloaks.

For Android:

Simply go to the Google Play Store to download the app:

cloaked - Apps on Google Play

For iOS:

Testflight is Apple’s early distribution platform that allows customers just like you to take the cloaked app for a test drive. So, you must install **both Testflight AND the cloaked app on your iPhone.

If you already have Testflight installed, great! You can skip the prompt to install Testflight.


Let’s get started:

  1. Click on this link:

  2. Download Testflight (if you don’t have it already)

  1. Go back to link:

  2. Scroll to Testflight's "Step 2"

  3. Click “Start Testing Cloaked” - you need to accept and install the cloaked app (this is two separate steps per Apple policy):

  1. With the cloaked app open, login to sync your cloaked account.

...and you're done!