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ALL FILES (Download)

Social Media

Assembly_ECIS 2022_Media

BoS#1 & #2_ECIS 2022_Media

BoS#3 & #4_ECIS 2022_Media

EndBoS_ECIS 2022_Media

Please only use the Tiles, Banners and Logos provided in these ZIP files for your Postings on ECIS22 in Social Media!

In there you find Banners & different Tiles for Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Instagram as well as different Logo Variants of ECIS 2022. All files are named after the Social media platform they are supposed to be used on - please use them accordingly. If you don’t want to download all of them you can search for the file you need in the gallery bellow (sorted by parts of the conference).

SOCIAL MEDIA MANUALS (How to use Social Media Kit)

Assembly_Social Media_Manual.pdf

BoS 1&2_Social Media_Manual.pdf

Bos 3 & 4_Social Media_Manual.pdf

EndBos_Social Media_Manual.pdf

In the PDF files above you will find instructions on how to use the material from the Social Media Kits above as well as text snippets for different Social Media Channels. Please use the instructions provided in this PDF if you want to promote the #ECIS22!