<aside> 🔗 Connect Ashby to Dover to sync candidates that Dover has sourced. Dover will enable this integration during your onboarding process.


Section overview:

Dover Integration Overview

Ashby’s Dover integration will sync candidates sourced by Dover into Ashby and keep their applications up to date as they progress through the interview process with Dover.

Once the integration is live pull updates from Dover every 15 minutes and sync any relevant changes for those candidates into Ashby. These candidates will automatically be tagged with Dover as the source in Ashby.

What information is synced?

Dover provides us with the candidate’s

What happens if I update the candidate’s interview stage independent of Dover?

This integration will only update the candidate’s interview stage if:

  1. the Dover update is more recent than the latest update to the candidate
  2. the Dover update will move the candidate forward in the interview process

How are Dover updates mapped into Ashby?