Welcome to the streets. The Dope Wars community is producing one of the first play-to-earn crypto games on the Ethereum, Optimism, and StarkNet blockchains, inspired by the classic TI-83 game we played instead of doing math homework. Dope Wars is an ongoing metaverse project, where we envision multiple games and digital environments in our future ecosystem.

Smart Contract and Address Bookmarks

🌐 Website → dopewars.gg

<aside> ⚠️ Please use the Swap Meet Marketplace to buy anything Dope Wars. Refer to the Swap Meet Guide for tutorials on how to buy.


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Table of Contents

Players Guide

Community Guide

Developers Guide

Players Guide

Hustlers & OGs

The Characters

*Hustlers are the in-game and in-ecosystem characters in the Dope Wars universe.

Hustlers undergo a process of initiation, or character customization, prior to mint. This can be done using the swap meet.

A limited set of 500 "OG Hustlers" or "OGs" were initiated and minted in November 2021. OGs have maxed 100 RESPECT, can have exclusive ALIEN SKIN and will be able to form GANGS in the upcoming game.*

Hustler Guide