Provision Machines



Install Secoda

  1. Clone the Secoda repository

a) If you’re using AWS Linux install git with sudo yum install git -y

git clone <>

  1. Navigate to Secoda's directory

cd on-premise-docker-compose

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose


  1. Update environment variables in .env

a) Set the DOPPLER_TOKEN that was provided by Secoda

b) Update the environment variables by running source .env . Optionally, add the line export DOPPLER_TOKEN=<your-doppler-token> to ~/.profile (Ubuntu) or ~/.bash_profile (AWS Linux) so that the token is always in the environment variables. To confirm run the command echo $DOPPLER_TOKEN you should see a token string such as

  1. Update the permissions for Docker with the user and re-login to the machine for the changes to take effect sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

  2. Update the <docker_key> that was provided in the [](<>) file. The login username is secodaonprem

  3. Start the Secoda server doppler run -t $DOPPLER_TOKEN -- docker-compose up -d

  4. Confirm that all containers are running

sudo docker ps

Go to your domain and confirm that Secoda is running

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