<aside> 💡 Is my Docker Base Image up to date?



<aside> ⁉️ Problem Docker image is out of date because of base image updates.


<aside> 🤔 Approach ****bash script to trigger a new build.


<aside> 🧮 Solution CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Action.


GitHub Action source code

Solution source code

⁉️ Problem

All our docker images were facing the same issue.

Base image updates were making our own out of date.

<aside> 🗒️ For security reasons, :latest is my default tag.


🤔 Approach


High frequency builds

By automating new builds frequently, the problem would be solved.

However, running CI/CD pipelines are not free.

This solution seems overkill as we only want to trigger builds if needed.

Docker Hub Automated Build

Docker Hub has an Automated Build feature solving this internally.

How about our own registries?

We do not want to host our images at Docker Hub nor to rely on third-party services.

Orchestration tools