2.1 Business

Mobile and broadband ISP Vodafone ISP Vodafone UK have published their latest results to the end of June 2020 (financial Q1 FY21), which saw their fixed broadband base grow to total 793,000 customers (up by +42k in the quarter vs +64k in the previous quarter), while their mobile based declined to 17,580,000 (down by -462k).

The business goals are:

About Vodafone

Vodafone Group plc is a British multinational telecommunications company. As of November 2020, Vodafone has owned and operated networks in 22 countries, with partner networks in 48 others. It provided telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in 150 countries.

2.2 Research

I divided User Research in different steps that helped me to better discover all the nuances of the problem.


An extensive secondary research on Vodafone's website, Vodafone's forum, Reddit and social network pages, Facebook and Twitter in particular was carried out to better emphasise with the problem space and all the people who face it. In particular, on Twitter, Vodafone's forum and Reddit I searched for two key words: 'Vodafone' and 'Cancel'.

Generally, people seems to be lost when trying to cancel a service, no matter the device or the platform (website, application or phone). As VA emphasises in his Miro board, the website is misleading because it displays different user interfaces that only cause confusion. Users cannot orientate in the mess, and the website goes against one Heuristic fundamental: Consistency.


Tweet complaining about Vodafone service.


Average waiting time for getting a reply from 191.


Tweet complaining about Vodafone service.

From the research, it seems that calling 191 is the only option a customer has to cancel a service. Vodafone claims to have a dedicated team to handle cancellations, however a huge amount of people seem to face long waiting periods that do not convert in talking to somebody from customer service.

One community champion on Vodafone's forum states

'I believe Vodafone don't allow cancellation via an app or online for security reasons'

suggesting to call 191. However, it was not able to track down this information on the website or any other Vodafone's web pages.