Dive Glossary

Apps: An App on Dive is a module that you can open during your meeting to build engagement. There are all kinds of Apps on Dive, ranging from games, to icebreaker activities, t to productivity tools, and more.

Breakout Rooms: The Breakout Rooms feature allows you to split your Dive session into several, smaller groups. You can assign participants to a specific breakout room or divide randomly. Breakout Rooms is a premium feature.

Large Session: A Large Session in Dive is a session with more than 3 participants. Dive rooms can hold up to 100 participants.

Memories: Say cheese! Memories takes a screenshot of your meeting that you can share with your team afterwards.

Rituals: a Ritual is an event or a meeting you can schedule to occur once every week or as regularly you would like. Avoid avoid the hassle of creating a meeting from scratch every time you want to hang out and set up a Ritual instead. With Rituals, you can block any time of the week and create a recurring hang-out session, play games or watch videos together.

Session: A Session is a meeting on Dive.

Shuffle: Shuffle intelligently pairs you with people from your company, within or outside of your team, for a 1:1 Dive session. You are paired based on shared interests, connection history, time zones and other factors. All you need to do is opt in, pick your interests, and Dive will set up a time and Dive room for you to connect and have fun.

Templates: Templates are curated meeting agendas, built by our engagement specialists, that come pre-loaded with applications. Using a meeting template helps you run a better, more focused, and more engaging meeting. Dive has dozens of built in templates to choose from, so you are ready to start any type of engaging meeting in seconds.