What we're looking for

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) are looking for someone to join our team as a Distribution & Touring Producer. You will have a desire to work at the bleeding edge of immersive storytelling and help shape how that work is distributed globally. We see the development and distribution of MLF’s own work as key to the future success of the business, a key revenue stream and integral in building global brand awareness. This new role will be a vital part of the core team that formulates and realises this ambitious vision.

We’re looking for someone who enjoys a multi-discipline approach, blending production techniques from art, science, theatre, visitor experiences, technology and more. You will be calm and kick-ass in equal measures, with a firm but flexible approach. This will never be a project-management-only role, so we are looking for a creative thinker who has the passion and energy to ensure the work is best in class.

Every project has a unique workflow and pipeline, no two days or projects are ever the same at MLF. We don’t do things by the book, we aren’t constrained by what’s been done before, we push boundaries and give it our all. This way of working is not for everyone but if you are intrigued, excited and feel that MLF vibe in your bones please read on.

Main Responsibilities

You will be responsible for the management and delivery of MLF’s existing artwork/IP and be part of the team that develops new distribution strategies for all MLF IP. Working with the core management team you will be responsible for developing and delivering a strategy to make MLF’s existing portfolio and future work a commercial success.

As this is a new role within the company you will be required to build on and enhance the already existing distribution infrastructure, developing policy and guideline documents for exploitation of MLF’s work. You will be responsible for creating and managing the infrastructure to plan, monitor and report on all MLF IP.

Day-to-day you will work across a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from small festivals, large museum installs, digital distribution platforms and more. You will be the pivot point between clients, partners, operations and management, project managing the design, install and delivery of MLF Touring Work to all sites, nationally and internationally ensuring the work is best in class.