Each Monday, we will assign one or more readings, meant to facilitate our discussion during class the following week.

You are required to submit a response to the weekly reading(s) by Sunday night. Your response can be in writing (around 150-200 words,) but you are also welcome to respond with an art piece, a photographic essay, a website, a collection of memes, an audio recording, or any other format that best expresses your response to the assigned text(s). You should spend no more than 45-60 minutes preparing your response.

You should turn in your reading responses by pasting a link to it here.

In addition, each person will be responsible for leading one 30 minute discussion at some point during the semester based on the assigned readings, together with one other classmate.

The weeks highlighted in green below are the ones where we will have student led discussions. Please sign up for your preferred discussion week by emailing Vesper with your top three choices, by Monday, January 31st. We will take the liberty of assigning you to a discussion group if you fail to sign up in time.

For the discussion you lead:

Week #2, The Web Then and Now, (Monday, January 31st)

Week #3, Knowledge as Hypertext (Monday, February 7th)

Week #4, Project #2 Presentations (Monday, February 14th)

Week #5, Interface, Part I (Wednesday, February 23rd)

Week #6, Interface, Part II (Monday, February 28th)

Week #7, Project #3 Presentations (Monday, March 7th)

Week #8, Social Media (Monday, March 21st)

Week #9, Image Culture (Monday, March 28th)