Digital Evolution Lead

For the last 7 years I have had the opportunity to work closely to innovative colleagues and people from other companies and universities (such as: Salesforce, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Gensler, Steelcase, Instructure, LSE, ASU, ISDI) with whom I’ve learned, day by day, about new digital management solutions, cultural change challenges and opportunities, cloud solutions, environmental friendly building management, smart cities... All this background has allowed me to be promoted to my current position on Digital Evolution at UFV, where I work with the CIO as a projects and ideas hub, to give practical solutions based on technology and data analysis for all university areas: facilities, academic, commerce, finance... the UFV Smart Campus Project.

But to get there... lets jump back in time:

Sound Installations Professor

I have enjoyed teaching acoustic physic principles, waves and vibrations, materials science an architectural solutions for two years.