Discount forwarding is a way to give your customers incentive to exchange when they start their return process.

Discount forwarding refers to the process that when a product purchased using a discount code is being exchanged, the original discount is forwarded to the new exchange product.

Based on different discount types, the discounts are calculated a bit differently.

Percentage Discount:

A percentage discount is when a certain percentage is discounted from the Cost Price of the item. In such a case, the percentage of the discount will be carried forward when the shopper decides to exchange.

For example, if the discount was 15%, then if the shopper decides to exchange, a 15% discount will be applied to the cost price of the exchange product.

Flat Amount Discount:

A flat amount discount is when a certain fixed amount is discounted from the cost price of the item. In such a case, the percentage is calculated based on the amount discounted and the cost price. Then, that percentage is deducted from the cost price of the exchange product.

For example, if a product was of $200, and $10 was discounted. The exchange product cost $250. The equivalent percentage discount would be 5%. Then, 5% will be discounted from 250$.

Script Discounts:

Script discounts are the discount that is implemented by you with the help of a script of code on your Shopify store. Unfortunately, we do not provide forwarding for such a discount. To get support for script discounts, please contact us at

What will your shoppers see?

For the product they bought on the discount, they will see a banner below the product telling them that their discount will be reapplied when they choose to exchange.