Q1: Will each mirror has its own 3D character in the games?(From Discord:1573)

**A1:**yep, because they will all be in the game.

Q2: Will mirror holders get the SOUL chip?(From Discord: JABIR )

A2: because: Mirror NFT = Mirror + Soul. Mirror already has a Soul, so you can't Claim Soul anymore.

**Q3:**I recommend ThorGuards, this is their highest price(69.42ETH) transaction in OpenSea, it's so beautiful, we really should give it a soul, isn't it?(From Discord: chaoshen )

A3: Recived, we're already thinking about your proposal,thanks a lot!

From Mirror World Team:

Q:So I would like to ask the community a small question, if we use Soul to reach out to the gamefi communities, would the members approve of us doing so?

A1:It's hard to see a negative. Souls exist in order to bring personalities to our NFTs (right?). I feel like the broader community hasn't realised how cool that is yet. Giving it to them and letting people share the results would help spread the good word massively(From Discord: ROLU

**A2:**It depends. How would it affect us in game? And would that mean they would enter the game designated for mirror holders and vice versa?(From Discord: klicktrick

**A3:**This will boost us to...'Infinity & Beyond' Great idea!!!(From Discord: JABIR

**A4:**Why not? I am confident with the quality of RCT games, but we need more players to join these games later. Based on that, it would be urgent to spread the soul across gamefi communities and let them have taste of AI-powered character.We really need to make the soul concept the next innovation wave in game industry. And the soul concept in game is attributed to Mirror.(From Discord: 1573)

A5:I think it's great to reach out to other communities. I think it will bring value to the overall Mirror community. I would add that Mirror holders should maintain some type of priority and value that would be an incentive for the other communities to acquire their own (From Discord: Higgie1317

**Q5:**So are we gonna send them soul chips as well or a different approach?

**A5:**just send a soul chip to bridge their community and our community@JABIRReserve some uniqueness to our 'Mirrors'