Q1: we gonna get a whole week event like last time for lunar new year?(from Discord: klicktrick

**A1:**yes!from February 1st to 7th~


re we set on switching networks as well? away from eth for the games and for the future ones as well?btw gj man on partnering with xld. that was off the radar ddnt catch that one.(from Discord: klicktrick

**A2:**yeah, we are working on transfer of assets through Solana's candy machine.also talking to Burnt Finance rn for a potential integration

Q3: they work on SOL as well?or any projects related to the chain?(from Discord: klicktrick

A3: yeah, one of the biggest projects on Sol, fully decentralized NFT marketplace.pretty interesting guys, backed by Animoca for this round

Q4: I dont really invest much time on axie anymore. just the tokens. its not fun xd

are we gonna see game leaks this week?

btw our mirrors would have our own 3d right?

(from Discord: klicktrick

A4: yes they will be in the game!

Q5:I'm not getting any progress on the project at all.(from Discord: nobu23

A5:📢︱announcements and 👀︱sneak-peeks