Discord Weekly AMA 26th Nov, 2021

Q1: What ever happened to dividends? is this something we won’t see till after the game?(from Discord: reverse-5120rksab:)

**A1:**Our dividend function will be online in December!!!

Q2: When will the game go online? (from Discord: Bellamy )

A2: https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld/status/1463831735146221571?s=20

u mean this? If it is, this Airdrop is our gift to the first Crypto Communities and will be claimed by their holders. But we will be doing combined Giveaways with several communities to bring more gifts to our members!

Q3: ive read on twitter that other communities who wanted to try the dropped nft chips are still waiting for the hardware wallet compatibility, are we almost done with it?(from Discord: Anbudni#1511:)

A3: yeah, still doing

Q4: I just like some clarifications if the dividends are monthly or it is just one time only?(from Discord: klicktrick)

A4: Actually, Specific function descriptions will also be released when the product launch!

Q5: Can we use Mirrors NFTs for SOUL claim? (from Discord: tokennotneeded)

A5: every Mirror have his Soul~

Q6: Are those collaborative NFTs from other projects that has a soul can play the game of mirror world?(from Discord: nosaJ)

A6: The can't.Only Mirrors are gamefi + AI NFT.