Q1: Is it possible to consider a few more short-term (limited to a few hours ~ half a day) test accounts? This might allow more prizes and more people to participate in the process, which should not be a bad thing for the project. (I think we've all been looking forward to this for a long time, more prizes for me to draw too! Please~haha )(From Discord:reverse-G9

**A1:**This is a good suggestion, but we need to see if the current design of the account system can support such an idea, so I can't get back to you now.

Q2: It would be nice to disclose some of the production process (illustration, storyline, person setting, etc.) of the work through the website and provide tools to communicate between producers and visitors through the bulletin board.(From Discord: CJW

A2: We are recently creating the game worldview content, after which may be gradually revealed to you through the form of CG or comics.

**Q3:will the current chaos box feature be used on the game? like on how the creatures react and so on?(**From Discord: klicktrick

A3: Not for the initial release, the feature will most likely be in our third game!

**Q4:**If you guys need to make more engagements in your social medias to attract people, what you need to do is to post everyday something new, the more the active the page the more the project will be exposed and it will spread.

Big gaming company that i worked before is that how we do it, daily posting relevant to the project makes you attract more potential investors or gamers.

And it's FREE by the way.

**(**From Discord: @reverse-Nosaj

A4: In this Christmas:Mirror World Prize Quiz event, we will post an Exclusive Alpha Test Weapon every day. And everyday a piece of information about the GameFi will be revealed on Tweet in the form of quiz.

And we will send them to the winners in the activities. RIVETED your attention on our Tweet and Discord 「✨」announcements

**Q4:**are we going to see this before year ends?(From Discord: klicktrick

**A4:**If we are using CG or comics, I can't guarantee that it will be done by the year end because it will need some production time.But I'll think about whether there are other convenient ways for you to get some content first but still want better results, but that means more time