Q1: Hi Admins!!!! I'm a member of the @ChubbyKaijaoDAO and their Discord suffered a major attack yesterday and 6.3E of >1000E. Just thought I'd share their "Security Measures" announcement and maybe you can pass something similar out to our users? These are some of the learning points they've listed from the hack....might be worth the admins having a read and, if you've not already, have a look at creating a Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig wallet to bring extra security to the treasury: "Please, let us use this as a learning experience, myself included:

  1. Never click links that are not in ㆍofficial-links
  2. Please turn “Allow DM from server members” off in your settings.
  3. Never screenshare, no matter how convincing the people or accusers or fake moderators are. We will never ask you to share your screen and send information through the screenshare. 4.Trust your gut. To message Team members, click on the Team members in the Discord server under “Team or Moderators” to ensure you are messaging the right Team
  4. WE WILL NEVER, AND I REPEAT NEVER, LAUNCH A STEALTH SPUR OF THE MOMENT MINT. Every future plan or mint will have discussion around it, information released prior, will be shared in Discord, and Twitter socials, and will NEVER stealth launch. This is how they get people.
  5. Disconnect from fishy websites or websites you are connected to that you don’t know or trust We are working on extra security measures, and reaching out to other Projects who have dealt with the exact same scenario to see if we can learn from their consequent actions and security measures implemented.." 1/2 In addition there is also a little titbit from a chat I had with a prominent 1%'er ETH Developer and basically he wont touch other people's Google Sheet's as they are apparently a way to be exploited too. I don't know which hacks he's referring too, but knowing him I'm very happy to take his advice at face value. "@ETHDEV
  1. im paranoid, no offense, so will pass on dowloading. @Me: Got a bunch of csv file I just want to look through, want to make sure I'm sending the right one/s, and I'll send in probably about 15-30mins I'm using google sheets, you ok if I save as .xlsx or you prefer the csv? @ETHDEV csv plz google sheets is hoe people got hacked " 2/2

I think Dyna has already started doing alerts on this regarding scam alerts

(from Discord: iknowdavid.eth


Proposal Number 2 for today:

TheOpenDao ($SOS) has created a partnership with a new decentralized NFT Marketplace - https://x.xyz/

My suggestion here is very straight forward and that is that we should list our collection on this new market place as $SOS is likely to drive a lot of traffic there due to the partnership airdropping $X tokens to $SOS holders, who are members of the what is currently the largest DAO, plus all the members of the sub-DAO @ChubbyKaijDAO.


@TENET @JoinMirrorWorld what do you consider about market place selection

(from Discord: Bellamy )

**A2:**Madam’s account seems to be compromised yesterday, we have taken away the group auth from Madam We are actually having a conversation with OpenDAO about collaborations That’s a part of the discussion we are having SOS traction seems to stay as well, and we love that community

Q3: Can I share this information to my other discord groups?(from Discord: GHunter

A3: Ofc, definitely helpful to avoid these instances

Q4: im kinda worried tho, web3 is kinda saturated with different marketplaces rn with almost the same features(from Discord: klicktrick)

A4: So we build new markets