Discord Weekly AMA 19th Nov, 2021

Q1: I'm looking forward in this month that our Mirrors will have more used like it can already stake or an AFK game mode. In that way, our Mirrors are not just a display until next month. Still, I love the Mirror world team and you guys been working really hard and planning everything for the longevity of the project (from Discord: nosaJ)

**A1:**We are propelling the development process of the games, fast forwarding ARPG Dungeon first, by using ur mirrors in game, you will be able to earn utility tokens.The games are probably going to be in testing in 1-2 months, please understand developing them take a bit of Time!We will have internal testing for selected users when they are ready.

Q2: When will the game go online? (from Discord: Bellamy )

A2: we are starting testing end of year, launch Q1 next year. Talking to exchanges/game partners/Guilds and all kinds of partners currently

Q3: how will the mirror holders participate in the game ? (from Discord: twofire)

A3: what we have created is a game matrix. Mirror is your battle partner, as long as you have mirror, you can enter different game worlds to experience.

Q4: iirc the team is currently working on more than 1 game right? will we be expecting more than 1 game to be teased and/or tested this year? or will we only see the arpg? and are those games all for us the mirror holders or for another project as well? (from Discord: klicktrick)

A4: We are expecting two games to be teased this year! The games will be for all mirror holders. We are working on a very unique experience that will come after the 3 games, which could be offered to other projects as well.

Q5: When does the divedend start? When that game is fully released right? (from Discord: 77nevesudit:)

A5: Our snapshots are ongoing, and the dividend function will be launched in December.

Q6: oh i wish you guys could atleast give us smth regarding the levels of the mirror? do we need anything higher than lvl 3 to be able to do all of the future projects? (from Discord: klicktrick)

A6: Higher levels will receive more rewards, we are not setting barriers for game entrance as of now.