Q1: When does the divedend be distributed this month or next year?(From Discord:reverse-QBB | 77nevesudit

**A1:**We take a snapshot on the 22nd of every month.You can claim your dividend 3 days after the snapshot ****https://mirrorworld.fun/dividends?utm_medium=header

Q2: are we gonna see a gameplay clip?(From Discord: klicktrick

A2: We don’t want key info to leak too early as we are going into alpha test, but it’s coming soon!

**Q3:**I have about 7 mirrors, but my gain even can't cover the gas. Do you consider move it to L2 for lower gas? I don't think 7 is a small number for mirror holder and I have never gained it before. It just can't cover the gas.(From Discord: Reverse-ZZZOJL

A3: yeah.Dividends are accrued monthly

**Q4:**Monaco planet launch their NFT in Ethereum but launch their token in BSC.(From Discord: Reverse-ZZZOJL

A4: Yeah, we just had a meeting with a L2 partner, will probably push that forward very soon

Q4: I recommend to have a collaboration with Voxies(From Discord: nosaJ

**A4:**got it.We will be in touch to collaborate

Q5: willl you release the alpha game this month?(From Discord: boiler00016

A5: Test whitelist collection begins this month

**Q6:**L2 is matic, arb, or opt(From Discord: reverse-ngis

A6: Looking at Starknet/starkex as well