UCM is a church of many nations committed to making disciples who are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. UCM’s vision for its discipleship is the congregation growing to become disciples who are maturing, ministering, and multiplying disciples. UCM accomplishes its mission and vision for making disciples in part by providing the church corporately and members and attendees individually with a Spiritual Journey pathway that offers the Christian growth opportunities. Small Discipleship Groups (SDGs) are a main vehicle by which the church pursues the advancement of God’s Kingdom in our communities, cities and nations.

The following areas are under the purview of the Discipleship Ministry:

Kingdom Fellowship

Kingdom Fellowship seeks to gather and engage men and women of all ages to and in God’s Church. Men or women, respectively, may come for the first time, any time. The Kingdom Fellowship's goal is to create and sustain a place where a range of men or women can grow in their faith, regularly funneling into and participating in a focused Christian fellowship experience. By way of monthly in-person gatherings offering hospitality, themed discussions, prayer, and benevolent service opportunities, the Kingdom Fellowship encourages each man or woman in line with the discipleship vision of UCM, to pursue the advancement of God’s Kingdom in our communities, cities and nations.


FIRST SATURDAYS | 10 AM - NOON To join, don’t hesitate to get in touch with discipleship.ac@unionchurch.ph


SECOND SATURDAYS | 9 AM - 11 AM To join, please register at KW Reg Now or contact discipleship.ac@unionchurch.ph

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Small Discipleship Groups

As people’s desire for a discipleship community grows, they will be encouraged to join a discipleship group. The three-fold purpose of the SDG is Belonging, Building Up, & Bearing Fruit. In SDGs, adults learn to live and love in their spiritual journey just as Christ did. This ministry invites the disciple to explore God’s word in relation to their own life experience and a small groups of others (Belonging). These groups cultivate deep relationships that allow individuals to let their guard down, dialogue, share their struggles and victories, and pray with and for one another (Building Up). Transformation happens as a group’s camaraderie develops and flourishes. Through active, committed participation in an SDG, group members are not only fortified and matured in their faith but impassioned to intentional ministry and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in their communities, cities and nations (Bearing Fruit). To see what to do to connect to an SDG, visit here on the website.

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One on One Discipleship