Work On Climate is on a mission to make climate work mainstream and bring 100M people into climate jobs.

We are transforming from “just” the world’s largest climate community into an organization that will rewire the talent ecosystem to support the new climate-positive economy.

Imagine climate companies at every job fair and conference, climate features in every job board, climate solutions in every class. Imagine not being able to go 10ft in the workforce without running into climate work.

Making this a reality requires full-time staff for several key roles, so we are raising philanthropic donations (we are a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit).

Over the next several months we are looking to raise a total of $1.5M for 1 year, or $5M for 3 years, and we are looking for someone to assist our executive director Eugene Kirpichov with this process.

Scope of work

Required Skills