If you are planning to sell your book in bulk, offering digital bonuses is a great way to add value for your customers. Here are some ideas for digital bonuses that you can provide to your customers:

1. Daily Journal Template

Since your book is a daily reader type book, offering a daily journal template as a bonus can be a great idea. You can create a simple template that your readers can use to note down their daily intentions, goals, and reflections. This template can be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

2. Audio Book Version

You can also offer an audio book version of your book as a bonus. This can be in MP3 or any other audio format. This will give your readers the option to listen to your book while they are on the go or doing other activities.

3. Guided Meditation

Another great bonus idea is to offer a guided meditation that complements your book's theme. This can be a 5-10 minute guided meditation that your readers can listen to before or after reading your book. You can either create this yourself or hire a professional to create it for you.

4. Video Series

You can also offer a video series that dives deeper into the concepts discussed in your book. This can be a 3-5 part video series that your readers can access online. You can either create this yourself or hire a professional to create it for you.

5. Exclusive Facebook Group Access

Lastly, you can offer exclusive access to a private Facebook group where your readers can connect with each other and discuss the book's content. This will not only add value for your readers but also create a community around your book.

These are just some examples of digital bonuses that you can offer to your customers. You can choose one or a combination of these bonuses based on your preference and your readers' needs.

Good luck with your bulk book sales!