What is a Digital Badge?

Traditional physical badges have been used by organizations such as the Boy Scouts to give members a physical emblem to display their various achievements.

Digital Badges are a recent development drawn from research into gamification where they are used to reward users for accomplishing certain tasks.

They have become an efficient way for educators, community groups, and other professional organizations to reward participants for skills obtained in formal and informal learning environments.

They promote lifelong learning that extends beyond the classroom and brings to light accomplishments that otherwise might have been hidden.


What is the advantage of a Digital Badge over a hardcopy certificate and e-Cert?

What is a Backpack?

A Backpack is a platform for you to store, organize, and share your Digital Badges. You can store badges issued by different organizations in the same backpack. Hence the complete learning journey of your life can be captured in a single location.



How do you qualify for a Digital Badge?

You must complete the prerequisites of a badge such as completing a course, participating in a competition, or passing an assessment, before you get nominated & confirmed on a Badge.