About our agency

<aside> 💡 We create user-centered design that follows current aesthetic trends. We are a business-educated team that understands and immerses itself in the nuances of the client's business.


At the height of the pandemic in 2020, the team at Bash Today (Russia's largest venue booking site) decided to outsource development in order to diversify. We were able to accomplish 16 projects in just a few months. We decided to take the development and design direction and develop it into a completely independent company, establishing a full-fledged development agency.

🖼️ Soulful design

Information is displayed in a dense and unintelligible manner all over the place, and interfaces make purchasing more difficult. We build user-friendly websites, applications, and interfaces that are the envy of competitors - an entire ecosystem of human-language connection with the audience. In a straightforward, concrete, thorough, and comprehensive manner.

<aside> 💡 Our strong side: lack of indifference. You get a soulful design from a thoughtful partner, not a mechanical contractor.


📈 With a focus on the ultimate business metrics

We are contacted for product finalization, creation from scratch, and redesigning. The unfortunate experience of engaging with other developers is a regular source of anguish for our clients: the timing and cost are off, and nothing works as it should. This is due to a lack of clear technical specifications and a misunderstanding of your business environment. We take a radically different approach, beginning with analysis, digging into your business model, and developing technical requirements that are as exact as feasible to your business needs.

<aside> 💡 Uprising developers have graduated from business accelerators ¹. Our focus is on our clients' business results from our technology solution.


¹ — «Sberbank ∙ 500 startups» (USA) and «IIDF» (Russia)

🖥️ Lean startup approach

Frequently, a company's own personnel are preoccupied with ongoing tasks. Inside, new thoughts emerge that must be postponed "until later." Ordering examination of ideas and testing hypotheses from professionals in the field of startup approach is one technique to bring their implementation closer and save precious resources.

<aside> 💡 In two and a half weeks, we'll examine the details of your project and deliver a ready-to-use, validated solution for your review.


⚒️ Key stages of the project work