Fortunately, interest rates are very low right now and this works in your favor because you can borrow more money for your room addition. I will provide some very useful information in this article. After you have done some investigating and have a ball park idea of what this addition could cost, go visit with your banker, savings and loan association or credit union and get pre-qualified for a loan.

After you leave the bank, visit your local zoning office and building department. The purpose of your visit is to find out what is required Mudanzas Santiago Las Condes to obtain a building permit. Take your existing survey plan showing the house location in respect to existing lot lines and several photos of your house taken from all angles. You now have enough information to know if you can go forward with your project.

With your photos and sketch, the local zoning officials should be able to tell you the maximum sized room you can build within the current zoning laws. The process involves all of the same things that you find in new home construction: foundation, footings, framing, zoning, permitting, HVAC, flooring, plumbing, electrical, new windows, roofing, etc. You can create your own set of plans utilizing a home design software package, or enlist the services of an architect. Without plans and a checklist in place, the probability of getting the addition you envision is highly unlikely.

The information provided up to this point should get you started but, at some point, you will need to go much deeper in developing your own room addition plans and schedule. Choosing a contractor to handle your project can be a daunting task in itself so take your time with this chore. This can prove to be one of your most important decisions. As a builder with 40 plus years experience, I have heard many sad stories regarding contractors. Don't be discouraged, be diligent and get referrals. There are a lot of great builders out there that do follow the building codes, rules and regulations.

Room addition projects can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars so, unless you are paying cash for your project, you will need to obtain financing. This will require a complete set of plans including structural details to obtain building permits. In many respects, adding on to an existing structure requires far greater skill. You wouldn't want your addition to look like it was tacked on to the side of your house. The goal of a quality contractor is to match the interior and exterior of your addition to products that will match or complement the existing finishes. Also, bear in mind the additional time and effort required for the workers who must work around you unless the house is vacant.

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