MLA and APA are two different essay writing styles that are used in schools, colleges, and universities. Students find it challenging to use both the formats for their academic papers for various reasons. You can get your own essay from any of the dissertation writing services.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association style which is commonly known as citation style. The MLA style demands writers to list all sources at the end of an essay using parenthetical citations. This means that you must include information about the cited works by providing their author's name, page number(s), and other publication details such as year of publication, etc . With this format, your teacher will have multiple options to refer back to if he or she wants additional information or details regarding the research material that was used during your study. If properly used, this style of writing can make your paper more concise and easier to read. However, it is advisable not to use the MLA format if you are unable to properly present citations in a clean manner.

APA stands for American Psychological Association which is a documented format that is designed strictly for psychologists and those who study social sciences . Unlike MLA which uses parenthetical citations, APA demands writers to integrate all research sources directly into their essays by using in-text citations. This means that instead of providing information about the citation at the end of an essay, you need to provide such details as soon as you introduce a source within your sentences. It takes time to master and become efficient with the APA referencing system but when done correctly, the format will make your paper easier to read and understand.

If you are confused about which format is more suitable for a certain type of research work, it is recommended that you speak with your teacher so as to acquire specific guidelines on how each style should be correctly followed. There are some cases wherein you may not be allowed or given the option of using either MLA or APA; for example, if you are taking an English class that requires students to use Harvard referencing style , then regardless of what instructions your teacher gives, Harvard referencing system is what you will need to follow strictly.

The major difference between MLA and APA essay writing styles lies in their reference section formats. Writers have different preferences but generally speaking, when writing essays in APA format, the in-text citations are placed after punctuation marks. In MLA style writing, writers should use parenthetical references towards the end of each line when quoting material from other sources or works.

The two types of referencing styles have their own benefits and weaknesses . For instance, most students who are already used to using APA might opt for it over MLA simply because they find the former easier to understand. However , some high school and college instructors still teach students how to write essay papers using the MLA referencing system because they believe that it is more comprehensive compared to APA's shorter one. As a student, you need to learn these differences so as not to be confused if you decide later on which method you will adopt in your academic career.

An MLA style essay is the preferred choice of most academic scholars and teachers because they believe that it provides a more comprehensive method on how to properly cite sources without being too bulky whereas APA style referencing system is shorter and simpler for use in writing papers. Even with these differences, you are free to choose which format is more suitable for your paper as long as you can follow its guidelines promptly. You can buy dissertation having all the guidelines followed.