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Currently I am writing this from my phone while I watch Disney+ with Ryder (for the hundredth time) because everyone in our house has been sick at some point over the past three weeks! Poor Ryder - being sick when you are two is tough. But he is on the up and up! This is real life y’all.

I wanted to write briefly today about slowing down even during really busy seasons. So often I tell myself some version of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” but make it the business version. “I’ll work on that system once client work slows down.” “I’ll do yoga during lunchtime (or actually eat lunch - I’m SO bad at that!) once this project launches.”

It’s like I’m saving the very rest that I need during those busy times for a future slow season (that I’m not even sure is close!)

But it’s in these busy seasons when that time away is so needed. The past week, I took the entire week off to enjoy Thanksgiving, and it was SO hard, but SO needed. I scheduled projects with the break, my clients were aware of everything, and I had no deadlines. But it still took a couple days to stop checking my email and Instagram.

So how do we (and I) rest when things are crazy?

Work on being ok with your to-do list looking long and stepping away from your computer anyways. Pause in the middle of a design session (!!) and step away to have an afternoon hot tea in the middle of the work day. Practice leaving tasks unfinished to allow your mind a break. Be realistic and intentional about what you can get done in your workday and what is allowed to make it onto your to-do list.

^^^ All this stuff? SO. HARD. I’m a serial “don’t quit until the job is finished” person, and walking away from my artboards with unfinished designs hanging out makes me want to throw up (anyone feel me there?)