Last updated 25/05/2021 5:38pm (UK time)

Welcome to the Diamond Hold official white paper. This page will serve as the home for a technically concise overview of our beloved project. Make sure you bookmark this page to come back for the most up-to-date version.

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As avid members of the crypto community, we believe it is great for people to create new projects as competition cultivates growth. Not just this, but expanding on top of existing ideas is what we believe is key to grow any ecosystem.

We have come to notice however that a lot of current projects fail to try and noticeably extend past the popular RFI frictionless yield generating protocol. This usually leads to a very short lifespan for new projects that copy the code directly and launch under new names; with a few exceptions for those that find a way to market their project or promise external things such as NFT market places and phone apps.

This simply isn't enough for us, we want to enter the space with authenticity as we truly believe that this will trapeze our project into the future with perfect prospects.

It is time a project brought things back to their roots and serve the community a token that is unique and one that comes with its own set of nuances that have to be navigated in a whole new light.

Enter, Diamond Hold.

Launch V1