My junior year, I took the course on the topic of intergroup dialogue, and learned more concrete life skills than ever before in a classroom. Senior year I joined the program as a facilitator, leading a section of the course with 2 co-facilitators.

The difference between discussion, debate, and dialogue matters.

What is dialogue?

It's a conversation with the goal of mutual understanding and finding connection. Dialogue is a steady state, remains open-ended and sometimes unresolved.

In my mind, it's a method of engaging in conversation that mitigates the defensiveness that may come along with certain topics. Hopefully, using dialogue can make it easier for participants to maintain open minds when presented with new information.

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How to engage in dialogue?

A common motto in the program is "replace judgement with curiosity." One way to do that is with the LARA method— not only is this a tool for dialogue, but it's also a good place to start with helping someone in emotional distress.

Some general guidelines for dialogue