<aside> πŸš‡ On this page: Step-by-step guide to conducting a diagnostic survey.

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When conducting a diagnostic survey through Orgnostic, you don't have to worry about collecting, processing, and presenting results. You can sit back and let the platform take care of that. All you have to do is two things:

  1. Prepare your organization to participate in the survey
  2. Examine survey results

This guide will show you how.

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Before you begin

<aside> ⚠️ Note: Before sending any survey through Orgnostic, it’s a good idea to check the Data Health page to verify that all employee records are up to date.


Prepare for a diagnostic survey

When you decide to conduct a diagnostic survey, your first task is to get everyone in your organization primed and ready to participate. For best results, follow our recommended three-step internal communications plan:

  1. πŸ”΄ Obtain CEO approval: since you will be sending the survey to all employees in your company (the only exception is the Team Effectiveness survey), we recommend that you obtain sign-offs from your CEO or other designated superiors prior to roll-out.
  2. 🟑 Gather support from leadership: after you get approval from the top, make sure to loop in the rest of the company leadership. Brief the team leads and managers about the survey and its importance. They should be your allies and encourage their staff to participate.
  3. 🟒 Notify employees 7 days in advance: employees are more likely to participate in the survey if they are notified about it ahead of time and if they understand its purpose.

If you follow the recommended plan, it will take between two and three weeks to prepare and carry out the survey. The two-week minimum applies only if you can obtain CEO approval, inform the rest of the leadership, and notify employees in a span of a day. More likely you will space out those steps throughout one or several weeks.

Here's an example of what your timeline might look like:

Diagnostic survey timeline, hypothetical example

Diagnostic survey timeline, hypothetical example

Use the provided email templates to help you accomplish objectives from steps 2 and 3. Find them in the Suggested Communication Plan section of the Survey Preparation page (the first page you see when you select a Diagnostic survey from the Surveys menu available in the Collect tab on the Home screen).