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Diagnostic surveys are a selection of ready-made surveys, based on reputable organizational psychology research, devised to help HR managers get an accurate picture of the good and bad in their organization today. Through repeated surveying, it's also possible to track how the organization evolves.

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Availability of Diagnostic Surveys

Diagnostic surveys are available to all newly registered Orgnostic users, as part of the full-featured 14-day trial. If a survey was launched during the trial period, it will run its course even after the trial expires, and the results will remain available.

Outside the trial period, the diagnostic survey functionality is only available to users who purchase the Diagnostic Survey Add-on.

Which types of Diagnostic Surveys are included?

Diagnostic surveys

How does a typical Diagnostic Survey look like?

Each survey is a list of statements (survey items). Employees evaluate these statements using a 5-point scale in which "1" indicates disagreement and "5" indicates agreement.

The only exception is the Employee Net Promoter survey, which uses a 10-point scale in its assessment.

In addition, some surveys may include open questions for providing qualitative feedback.

How reliable are Diagnostic Surveys?

Only the most reputable, widely-researched, peer-reviewed, statistically valid survey instruments are included in the selection. Some are based on decades of studies and testing.

How much work is involved in conducting a Diagnostic Survey?

Hardly any.

HR's responsibility is to make sure the organization is primed and ready to participate, as explained in the how-to guide.

For employees, diagnostic surveys are minimally disruptive. The longest one takes 15 minutes to complete. Each one is open for 7 days after it's sent. During that period, employees are free to revisit and revise their responses as often as they like.