The Portland DMV has a problem.

Visitors to the Oregon DMV website report dropping off from the appointment scheduler at alarming rates. Without a process to effectively screen and queue potential appointments, Portland's DMVs are experiencing a high number of unexpected walk-in visitors during peak hours.

Update: In 2021, being able to successfully schedule visitors' appointments has become even more urgent—the Oregon DMVs are now experiencing a backlog of hundreds of thousands of visitors due to COVID-19.

The Challenge

To improve the satisfaction of both the visitors and staff, this redesign aims to increase the number of *successfully scheduled appointments *****while reducing the number of ****walk-in visitors during peak hours.

Here are two ways to achieve this goal:

Users report being unable to complete the online appointment flow, referring to the Oregon DMV site as "not user friendly".

Target Users

One way to increase users is to look at the top-of-funnel and ask who has access to the Oregon DMV website.

The Pew Research Center cites mobile phones as the primary way that Americans can access the internet. Across racial categories, roughly 80% of U.S. adults own smartphones. Further, dependence on smartphones for internet access is greater among people of color, young, and low-income folks.

Because smartphones help the most Americans bridge the internet access gap across categories, we will design for this medium, mobile web. By serving the most available medium, we can help the most users schedule appointments and achieve the greatest business impact.