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<aside> 💼 My Role UX Designer Illustrator


<aside> 🤝 The Team 3x UX Designers


<aside> 🕘 Duration 2 years of continuous development


<aside> 📐 Tools Used Figma Adobe Illustrator


<aside> 🌟 My Key Contributions Visual Identity Illustration Ceremonies Design System Workflows


Back in 2018, I joined Singapore Power Group as a Senior Experience Designer. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on multiple B2C products, including the SP Utilities app and the SP Services Portal.

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SP Utilities (left) & SP Services Portal (right) before the system


As a team of three designers, each anchored on more than one product, it resulted in a lack of consistency and style in illustration.

Seeing this as an opportunity to create a strong visual identity across our product lines, I led the effort to create our own illustration system as a central component of our product identity.

Frame 1329.png

Why build an illustration system?

<aside> 👉 Quicker workflow among designers


<aside> 👉 Improved visual presence and branding across products and marketing


<aside> 👉 Creating powerful visual elements for communicating concepts quickly and effectively


Defining the patterns

I began by extracting the colours from the design system. Our goal was to expand the colour palette by extending it into darker and lighter shades and later generating a gradient to give the illustration a sense of depth.