<aside> 👀 Rack is a productivity app design where users can track their activities to achieve their goals. This app design also includes reminders and user progress.


<aside> 🕒 Nov - Dec 2021 (2 weeks)


<aside> 📄 Solo student project for Google UX Design


Table of Contents


<aside> 🟣 Need a way to track activity quickly and easily help and give motivation to reach goals.



Design products for users who want to build or quit a habit. An app that is accessible and motivates users towards goals.

solution 1tracka.png

solution 2tracka.png



User Persona

user persona.png

User Journey


Competitive Audit

I analyze 3 app productivity app focusing in activity tracker.


  1. Competitive audit goal

    Comparing experience to keep track of activity.

  2. Who are your key competitors?

    Our key competitors are Productive and Habitica. Productive Habit Tracker with simple and modern design to track users daily activity. The other one, Habitica, a RPG game inspired activity tracker. Our other competitor is Persistence, a scheduler app with a classic design. It has a similar function but a bit different in the user flow.