Chris Murphy · 26 September, 2020

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Upcoming: 2021

These are just a handful of the people I’ve been talking to about our next series of talks. Our 2021 talks will be badged under the banner of ‘Seasons’ (like a Netflix season of Abstract). We’ll be theming our seasons, with the first season focusing on the effects of the pandemic, titled: ‘Rethinking Everything’.

Next up… Jordan Moore

19.00 GMT · Tuesday, 19 January

Our first talk of 2021 is Jordan Moore, co-founder of Dawson Andrews. At Dawson-Andrews, Moore has worked with world-class companies including: Toys’R’Us, Danske Bank and Lagom.

Jordan Moore’s personal site is a refreshing take on the horizontal scrolling paradigm. Heavily content- and ideas-focused, it’s home to a wealth of thought-provoking material.

He’ll be joining us, however, to talk about his work exploring the rapidly emerging ‘networked notes’ movement (also referred to as the ‘second brain’ movement), powered by tools like Roam Research, Obsidian and TiddlyWiki.