🎨 Who is this for?

The Designer Peer Support Group is for Graphic Designers, Art Directors, UX/Product Designers & Researchers, Illustrators, or anyone adjacent to or interested in those fields. New people are of course welcome.

⭐ What's the purpose of this group?

aequa Peer Support Groups give folks with certain affinities (for example: similar interests, challenges or experiences) the chance to offer mutual support in the form of peer-to-peer mentorship, feedback, advice and discussion. This also gives a forum to wrestle with how those with shared challenges or advantages can help to build a more equitable future for all.

Peer support can take many forms. For example:


Join here ➡️ https://airtable.com/shr7TdzFjhqkFwFFI

📅 Events


💞 Design support for aequa*

Want to contribute to our lovely community? One way this can be done is through design! aequa has a number of pro-bono design tasks to be done.

*This is not a requirement to join the Designer Peer Support Group.

Types of tasks that are needed most frequently:

  1. Social media graphics
  2. Email graphics