UX Cabin is a rapidly growing remote team and is in need of a better onboarding system. The goal of this research was to determine how effective and efficient the current process is, and find areas of improvement. Through interviews and usability testing, we found that users desire HR support and a structured framework that will enable seamless self-onboarding. To improve usability and autonomy, it is recommended that system feedback is added, that the onboarding tasks sidebar UI meets design standards for links, and that users complete onboarding tasks prior to having access to the main homepage for free-browsing.


Themes & Takeaways

  1. Users desire a structured onboarding framework so that they are able to guide themselves through onboarding tasks without any outside assistance. Users want to be kept up to speed and informed about their tasks and duties.

    "I think that the way that it could have been improved at the time was to have a framework that kind of helped me to go through the onboarding more independently and not be heavily reliant on Seth."

  2. Having an HR contact person, specifically for onboarding assistance, is preferred.

    "There's no one in charge of managing onboarding or HR stuff. That's kind of different."

  3. An FAQ document, or resource hub, would benefit new hires. It would enable them find all the answers to their potential enquiries in one place.

    "I didn't know what I should do for time-tracking. There weren't any instructions on what I should track and shouldn't."


Tasks & Outcomes

Task 1:

From the home screen, where might you go first to begin your employee onboarding?