It can feel daunting to try a new issue tracker but it doesn't have to be. We recommend picking a small project or short sprint during which to try Linear and timeboxing it to 1-2 weeks. In our experience, that's enough time to know whether Linear is a good fit.

Step 1: Commit to trying Linear [0 minutes]

Remember: It's just one week. If you follow the tips in this guide, it won't require much more than an hour to set up and learn Linear. If Linear helps your team work more effectively, it'll feel well worth it. If it doesn't, then you can easily go back to your old issue tracker.

Step 1: Choose something to work on [10-20 minutes]

Option 1: Run a small project

Option 2: Migrate a single week's sprint


Step 3: Add it to the calendar and invite teammates [5 minutes]

Step 4: Set up your Linear workspace [10-30 minutes]

We recommend setting a time to do this together with your teammates, since it'll be more fun and help surface questions you have about the product and how it fits into your current workflow.

At minimum, you should: