This will be an evolving guide for new product designers to get familiar with our process for working together as designers, collaborating with your Product Manager, and assisting engineers with PRs and QA.

Strategy phase

Collecting and analyzing insights

As Air's Product Manager consults the product roadmap and collects feedback from users, the insights are collected in Product Board. Additionally Air employees are encouraged to use Product Board's Chrome extension to submit visual bugs or ideas for product improvement—no idea is too big or too small or too petty.

Scoping out a feature

Every Monday morning from 10am—11am, Product Designers and Managers meet to talk about what they're working on and receive instructions on new feature designs. This meeting also takes the place of having individual kickoff meetings for individual features.

Every new feature will be scoped out in a Notion doc. The Product Manager will create a table of information that designers can use as a guide to creating corresponding user flows in Figma. Naming conventions in Notion should correlate with flows in Figma as closely as possible.

At the end of each meeting, a Weekly Design Meeting doc in Notion is completed and will serve as a reference throughout the week.

Design phase

Exploring Figma projects

It's highly recommended you first set up Figma's Mac OS desktop app and then explore the various Projects within:

Drafting a design

Within Zephyr→Components is a page called Drafts. Here is where you will stage individual screens and collect initial verbal feedback from the Product Manager.

Most of the UI you will need already exists in the Components page. However, in cases that require a more radical refactoring of a component, it may be necessary to detach existing components and just make a mess in the Drafts file until the design is approved.